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TV Units A living makeover Starting Rs. 9,124
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Dining Chairs Luxury in your home Starting Rs. 8,758
Crockery Units The Charming idol Starting Rs. 29,676
Storage Units Perfect for you Starting Rs. 12,177
We make with wood and love
1. Procuring the raw materials The raw materials such as solid wood, plywood and other necessary raw materials required for the furniture making process is procured by our purchase department , keeping in mind the quality at each and every step, coz we believe the right raw material makes the right furniture and make it stay with you forever.
2. Manufacturing using automated machinery We have the state-of –the art equipment and modern machinery so that we can deliver you unimaginable designs with utmost accuracy and quality that you could not even imagine.
We adopt ourselves to the modern world and as we are tech savvy we keep updating ourselves.
3. Packing We provide multi-layered hassle free packing for all our products that you buy making it 100% safe for shipping purpose and hence we can guarantee our delivery always.
4. Shipping The most daunting task has been made simple through our efficient round the clock logistic techniques, which offers you timely delivery every time. Our efficient packing system also makes our shipping so easy.
5. Site installation When our furniture reaches your home , no need to worry , our professional installation engineers will unpack and install the furniture within no time and you see your dream coming true step by step.
6. Monnaie @your home What else? .Relax and feel our designs right in front of you , and make your life simple through us.
Why Monnaie Decoro?

To be unique is the most daunting task in every field , and everyone wants to be unique in different aspects , to be the top most designer , uniqueness is the main factor.

We at monnaie decoro thrive hard to attain uniqueness in the furniture designs that we provide to you.

Our research team along with our creative crew think out of the box and presents you designs never before, may it be the design aspect , creativity, color combo or utility , there is always a unique factor in it that makes monnaie decoro different from others and our customers feel proud to be unique when compared to other customers worldwide.

Note : The minimum purchase amount is Rs.1,00,000